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Dear Friends!

1. We bake overnight for delivery and sale during only next day. Please place your orders before 5pm.
2. Delivery times throughout the day are broken into nine 2-hour time slots starting from 6-8am and finishing at 8pm. 

Changes to and cancellations of orders

1. If you would like to cancel the order, please go to the order page and click “Cancel the order”.
2. Unfortunately you cannot change the order (remove or add individual items) once the order is confirmed. In order to change the order, please cancel it and make it again.

Delivery area and fulfillment of the order

1. Delivery is made within MKAD.

Delivery charges

1. Standard delivery charge is 350 roubles. Delivery is free for orders above 4,000 roubles.


1. The order is paid by:
   a. Cash to courier
   b. Card to courier
   c. Online via Sberbank
2. Online payment only is required for orders above 5,000 roubles.
3. The courier hands over to the purchaser the following documents:
   a. Receipt
   b. Payment slip (if by card)
5. You can reject the order or any of its items at any time. Please mark the invoice as rejected and sign it.
6. If the purchaser is not available to either receive, he or she will be blacklisted. The orders coming with blacklisted email address will not be honoured. The purchaser can remove him or herself from the blacklist by emailing the support service and explaining the circumstances by phone +7 (499) 750-01-07 or by email